Agata Zakrzewska

agataAgata is an award-winning dancer, choreographer and instructor of ATS,Tribal Fusion and Oriental Dance. She is a FatChanceBellydance Sister Studio, certified ATS teacher and a graduate of the prestigious CATT instructor course in Berlin. Agata also has a bachelor’s diploma in Choreography and Dance Technique. She was the first teacher in Warsaw who taught ATS – her work contributed to the popularization of ATS in Warsaw and to the emergence of new groups of dancers. Agata teaches and performs in Poland and abroad (Berlin, Hannover). She co-founded groups: Flames of Bellydance (Oriental and Tribal Fusion group) and The Siren Society (the oldest ATS group in Warsaw).
Agata has been dancing since 2007, focusing on dance as her main career. She is dedicated to exploring ATS in it’s purest form, but also enjoys experimenting with props: skirt, fan, manton, sword. As a Tribal Fusion dancer she loves to experiment with Romani and Flamenco inspirations. She also takes inspiration from traditional and folkloric Egyptian dance. For her bachelor’s diploma in Choreography she choreographed a short spectacle “Trance-fusion” which combined Tribal Fusion technique with trance ritual inspired by the Zar tradition of the Middle East.

Agata was a new discovery for us this year on our travels to Tribal Festivals. She has helped to build a vibrant community of Tribal Fusion and ATS dancers in Poland and represents the Tribal spirit with integrity and passion that resonates with us on many levels.