Terms and Conditions

You should advise the instructor if you have any medical conditions or limitations before the start of a workshop.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition please discuss your intention to join a belly dance workshop with your doctor or specialist before attending workshop. You are reminded that you attend at your own risk.

Nakari Dance Company and all guest teachers of Caravanseray Vienna are not responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during workshop time.

No refunds or credits for failure to attend workshop or failure to complete the workshop due to any reason.

To register please send us which workshops you would like to take and we will send you all payment information. Your application will be considered valid once you transfer the fee and receive a payment confirmation from us. Please be aware that your workshop registration is binding and we’ll ask you to pay a 10€ processing fee if you cancel your registration before it’s completed. If a student cancels due to severe medical reasons, the spot can be transferred to a substitute participant. Finding the substitute is a responsibility of the student.

Nakari Dance Company reserves the right to cancel a class session or workshop should there be insufficient enrollments. In case of illness/force majeur/unavailability of the teacher, a qualified substitute teacher will hold the workshop, or the workshop fee will be refunded, but no additional damages are paid to participants.

No insurance is offered for student property that is lost, stolen or damaged. All items, including electronics, are brought to the studio at the owner’s risk. Damages to the studio grounds are paid by the party causing the damage.

By paying the Workshop fee I agree with the above Terms and Conditions of Nakari Dance Company / Caravanseray Vienna.