The next Caravanseray Vienna will be from Thursday 24.8 till Monday 28.8.2017. For your best festival experience we recommend you plan to stay for the whole five days of the festival! Don’t miss the social progamm during the festival where you can meet fellow dancers and have more time to chat. Vienna is a beautiful and fascinating city, if you wish to come earlier or stay longer we are very happy to meet tribal dancers from around the globe and look forward to meet ing you!!


★Registrations starts 1.3.2017★

To secure your workshop spots we recommend booking your favourite workshop places early!

Performing at Caravanseray Vienna

We offer you performance opportunities at the already famous Caravanseray Show Fri 25.8. at a Viennese theater, at the Caravanseray Party Sat 26.8. at restaurant Dionysos and at the Caravanseray Afterparty Sun 27.8. at the Viennese Danube Island.

★General Performance Applications are accepted till 1.5.2017★

Please plan your travels to allow for either performing at the show evenings. The chosen performers for all days will be announced by 1.6.2017.
Please be aware that it is mandatory for every performer on our stages to book at least one workshop at the festival. Why? See ‚Support and Love‘. Support your application by supporting the festival.

Support and Love

We organize this festival because we love the dance and the community around it. We don‘t receive any funding or gonvernment support and have to finance everything through the festival only. The festival only exists with your support. So how is it possible? Exactly, by booking workshops like crazy till every workshop is sold out! ;)

Teachers of Caravanseray Vienna

The teachers are chosen by Doro & Michaela based on personal experience of their teaching, perfoming, personality and presence in the Tribal community.
There is no teaching application for the Caravanseray Vienna.
So how can I become a teacher at the festival?
Your best chance is to paticipate at the festival and make the Viennese and the European audience starve for you as a teacher, and if Doro & Michaela like your art and also yourself personally, then boom – be sure we ask you to come!


The vending space is at the workshop location, and is limited. Vending is possible and encouraged during the whole festival, and the workshop location is well frequented.
If you‘re interested to come to the next Caravanseray, please contact us at nakari@nakari.info well in advance, to be included on the promotional materials.