Inga Petermann

A returning Caravanseray teacher, originally from Hannover, Germany, but currently living in Ottawa, Canada – we grabbed her on a rare visit from across the sea, and she is coming back to CarVie18!

Inga is a passionate dancer whose contagious energy and captivating performances make her unforgettable, and as a certified gymnastics teacher she uses her knowledge to complement her dance classes.

She fell in love with Tribal Fusion Bellydance at a young age but soon gained experience through national and international performances. Going through school for gymnastic teachers Inga did not only learn more about dance but also about fitness and anatomy and applies this knowledge in her teaching.

She has been part of several collaborations such as Deb Rubin’s ‘Project Merkaba’, Alexis Southall’s ‘Juniper Collective’ and the trio ‘Soul Collective’ with Cristina Zegarra and Sway E’fey.