Patrizia Pin

patriziaPatrizia Pin is a professional Tribal Fusion dancer and instructor from Monfalcone in the Italian North East, currently working at European festivals and holding regular trainings and performances in her area and abroad, as well as Pilates instructor and Ballet elementary classes assistant.
She started dancing Ballet in childhood and met Tribal Bellydance in 2000 studying regularly with many of the famous artists of the Tribal Fusion and ATS world. Her strong Ballet and Modern Dance background leads her in the development of her own style, pursuing unconventional moves that still possess harmony and elegance as well as a strong stage presence. Patrizia is part of the Tribal & Bellydance Academy “La Divina Commedia”: a dance project created by Francesca Pedretti which blends Tribal and Theatrical Bellydance. With the musician Simone D’Eusanio she co-produces the Tribal Nova project which brings together Tribal Fusion Bellydance and original live music.

We first met Patrizia at Roma Tribal Meeting in 2010 and are always excited when new stuff pops up on the Internet from her. We were lucky to see her perform live several times as well, even if only from behind the stage. Innovative and authentic, and not one to shy away from live music, she is bringing something special to CarVie17!