Caravanseray Vienna Show 2018

Friday 24.8.2018
Doors: 19:00Start: 19:30

ABK: € 35,- VIP-Tickets (Rows 1-3)⼁€ 29,- Free seat choice (except Rows 1-3)
BO: € 35,-

WerkX, Oswaldgasse 35A, 1120 Vienna

International stage spectacle featuring the festival teacher team and a curated cast of dance companies and soloists, showcasing the variety and richness of Tribal Bellydance as a contemporary development of an ancient dance form, transformed under the influence of globalisation, artistic fusion and international exchange.

Tickets are available from 1.3.2018!

Personally at Nakari (Doro & Michaela) or online

★General Performance Applications are accepted from 1.3.2018 till 1.5.2018★

More Infos here: FAQ