NAKARI⼁Dumbledore’s Army - Deathly Hallows
Thu 23.8.⼁14:15 - 16:15⼁NA01⼁€ 40,- ⼁Intermediate

I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses… (Severus Snape)

We’ll all agree that dance can be magical, enchanting, otherworldly, fantastic and powerful. Yes? Then it is no surprise that our two obsessions merged, and Dumbledore’s Army choreography was created especially for fans of Tribal Fusion and J.K.Rowling! Now it is your chance to join DA and make the magic happen, from statues coming to life, through various spells and potions, all the way to the Deathly Hallows, let out your inner fan and geek out over dance and all things Harry Potter with us! (All characters and names from Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling.)

KAMI LIDDLE⼁Razor-Sharp Slink
Thu 23.8.⼁16:30 - 19:30⼁KL01⼁€ 58,-⼁Open

Technique and Combinations. Executing slow, controlled and sustained movement is something many of us aspire to yet can be so difficult to achieve.  This workshop will begin with working on new lines and pathways moving at molasses slow speed with ultra clean technique.  We will take our slink and combine it with some pops, locks and contrasting movements that create striking combinations.

Fri 24.8.⼁10:00 - 12:00⼁MF02⼁€ 40,-⼁Intermediate

Floorwork adds some drama to your performance and makes your dance memorable to the audience. We will start with the good warm up and drills to prepare our body, and then we will try different floorwork variations of ATS movements, level changes, introduction and training for backbends, and of course learn how to go down and up gracefully. Floorwork demands a lot of your knees and back, make sure to listen to your body and don’t push yourself too much. Knee pads or legwarmers are highly recommended.

DOMINIKA MARKO⼁Smooth Operator
Fri 24.8.⼁12:15 - 14:15⼁DM02⼁€ 40,-⼁Open

Let us create a blend of Urban Street Style and Tribal Fusion Bellydance. We will learn to effortlessly flow from controlled posture to relaxed groove and work with the energies which are so different for each other. Learn new progressive dance moves and don’t forget to have fun.

INGA PETERMANN⼁Balkan Fusion Combinations
Fri 24.8.⼁14:30 - 16:30⼁IP02⼁€ 40,- ⼁Open

Balkan Fusion has always been and will always be one of Inga’s greatest passions which made her known for her energetic and cheeky performances.
After a well-balanced warm-up based on Inga’s fitness instructor training, you will practise some slow elegant poses as well as fast surprising accents and dynamic turns. You’ll learn several combinations which will be all put together into a little choreo in the end. Be prepared to just start dancing and have lots of fun!

KAMI LIDDLE⼁Drills Uninterrupted
Sat 25.8.⼁11:00 - 13:00⼁KL03⼁€ 40,- ⼁Intermediate

Kami says about this workshop: “This is my new favorite way to train… non-stop drills class! I used to think that when I practiced I should always aim for perfection but in reality I was holding myself back from pushing harder and working on my strength and stamina as a dancer. Plan to dance hard, sweat and feel energized in this class. We will move through various parts of the body, practice a variety of moment styles and end class with a long, deep stretch.  I will take requests for specific movements to practice in this class in advance.”

Sat 25.8.⼁13:15 - 15:15⼁DA03⼁€ 40,- ⼁Intermediate

A pair of heroes that have often been forgotten, are now called to action! They carry a lot of weight, are experts on transportation, and never leave a body behind. We will activate these assets and bring more awareness to their role in dance. Using her experience from her contemporary dance university studies, Doro will lead you through a series of exercises focused on your legs – correct alignment, lengthening and powering up for Contemporary Tribal Fusion. Challenging and elegant balance poses and unexpected leg accents add a new flavour to your dance vocabulary.

SWAY E’FEY⼁Once Upon A Time
Sat 25.8.⼁15:30 - 17:30⼁SE03⼁€ 40,- ⼁Open

Write your story on the empty stage. The journey of a wondrous mage from power to failure. The love story of a mermaid from underwater to seafoam. The last fight of a warrior with a former friend. How can you bring them to life? Sway will share her storytelling tools to create magical combinations and character-infused poses, using techniques from improvisational theater, psychological findings, and her experience in creating dances full of captivating stage presence and charisma that pull their audience into the fantasy storyworld of her choice. Imagine. Believe. Create. Inspire. Let’s start with “Once upon a time…”

KAMI LIDDLE⼁Masterclass
Sun 26.8.⼁10:00 - 12:00⼁KL04⼁€ 40,- ⼁Advanced

Dive into a two-hour masterclass of advanced technique and Kami’s signature style combinations, building up on the concepts and material of the previous two workshops. Continue the journey into Tribal Fusion a la Kami Liddle, and challenge yourself to emulate her personal stylisation in order to improve your own style and integrate new ways of training. This workshop is only available in combination with one other Kami Liddle Workshop (KL01, KL03*). Minimum of two years of Tribal Fusion experience is required. If you are unsure whether this workshop fits you, write us an e-mail at

*KL01 & KL03 are sold out. So please choose any other CarVie18 Workshop.

MICHAELA MAB⼁By Blood, By Milk, By Journey
Sun 26.8.⼁12:15 - 14:15⼁MM04⼁€ 40,- ⼁Open

Root your dance in power – of your own and of those who came before you. Bellydance is often being tied to temple dances, goddess worship, or birth rituals, even though there is little factual and historical evidence. Still, we can’t deny that this dance is strongly evocative and touches us on a deep archetypal level. In this workshop, we will approach our dance from the starting point of the ATS Moving Meditation, aided by the European shamanic traditions and set out on a journey to embodiment and connection with the archetypes that live in us and through us.

Sun 26.8.⼁14:30 - 16:30⼁MF04⼁€ 40,- ⼁Open

Open your mind, colorize your performance and find lots of inspiration with the new colors! Performances of Ghawazee Caravan and Tamarind Tribal are rich with their special variations and choreography ideas. The groups’ directors Devi Mamak, Jennifer Nolan and Super Beth are well-known for their creative formations, as well as the new moves that are included in the official dictionary and ATS Training DVD Vol. 9 ‘Anatomy of a step’. We will take a walk through the evolution of some of the moves from the classical to the modern and arrive at the movement dialect to enrich your tribe’s vocabulary and formation options!