Das Festival aus der Sicht unserer wiederkehrenden CarVie-Teilnehmerinnen:

„It may not seem that Caravanseray Vienna festival is that special. After all you have workshops, shows and souk everywhere. But what makes it stand apart is the love and special care that goes into its organization. Every little detail is taken care of and you will do yourself a huge favour if you come for the whole event and experience it first hand. „
 – Afsana, Brno CZE

„CarVie for me isn’t about the one with the best costume, or the one who worked with the coolest artists. It isn’t about who performed where and why someone is famous or not. It’s more about the dancing community, art, being together, learning with others and learning from others. It doesn’t matter who you are. You are part of the hurly burly dancing circus and you want even more every time you’re there. And that’s beautiful.“
 – Auryn, Bamberg GER

„A well-organized tribal event with very friendly and cooperative atmosphere, perfectly chosen teachers and dance topics of workshops for everyone to choose from. And, above all, the organizing Nakari girls are so sweet and crazy people who come with new and funny ideas each year so that you will never get bored! Come and see!“
 – Lilith, Brno CZE

„Unbelievably well organized with various selection of teachers and every detail thought through. I appreciate that everybody is given opportunity to dance, atmosphere is very friendly and welcome everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it is galashow, party in restaurant or afterparty. Looking forward to Caravanseray 2017!“
– Jarka, Bratislava SVK

Eine kleine Festung in der Wüste, umgeben von Sand und Nacht, aber lebendig und farbenfroh im Inneren. Dies ist ein Ort, wo Reisende aufeinander treffen, ihre Schätze verkaufen und KünstlerInnen aus allen Richtungen tanzen, singen und Geschichten erzählen.

Zum neunten Mal lädt Caravanseray Vienna internationale KünstlerInnen ein, ihre moderne Interpretation einer uralten Tanzform nach Österreich zu bringen. Tribal Style Bellydance neu gedacht, im Studio und auf der Bühne!

deine CarVie-Crew,
Doro, Michaela & Flo