The trading routes of many creators, designers and vendors from all around the world lead through Vienna, and luckily for you they will make a stop at our cozy bazaar at Caravanseray Vienna!

Bring an empty suitcase and fill it with treasures – jewellery and accessories, costuming and clothing, original designs and handmade embellishments, for stage as well as everyday wear.

Below we are introducing each vendor and their creations. Take a look, and make sure to stop by your favourites as soon as you arrive at Caravanseray!

Studio Loft 25, Kendlerstraße 25A, 1140 Vienna

Bazaar open on:
Thu 22.8. 14:00 – 19:00 | Fri 23.8. 9:30 – 16:30
Sat 24.8. 10:30 – 17:30 | Sun 25.8. 9:30 – 14:30

Come with us on a treasure hunt!


The most spectacular fusion costumes, bra & belt sets, skirts, vests and much more. Each piece is unique and made by hand, with loads of love by the designer Ulli. It is possible to make alterations according to personal wishes. If you’re not particularly friendly with needle and thread, you’ve just found your new best friend!


The foremost and always reliable address for jewellery and costuming supplies, Shaila is THE expert in Tribal stuff!

The Tribal Temptress

Tribal Bellydancer who loves making costume items for dancers with love for fripperies and sparkly things. Her offerings include headdresses, decorated bras and belts, bindis and other costume items, including gothic inspired costume pieces and burlesque items. All designs are lovingly created in a little studio near the wild moors of Yorkshire, England.

MOQ - Arts and Crafts

Passion for Tribal Fusion Bellydance, roots in Germany and Italy, living and crafting in Austria, tons of creative ideas – this is the base for MOQs very own style. Get your unique souvenir from Vienna and include it into your performance by wearing your very own Austrian style bra of the “Dirndl Fusion” collection crafted by MOQ. For those who want to leave the Edelweiss in Austria: there is also MOQs more classic “Oriental Fantasy” collection with fanciful bras and belts lovingly decorated with multifarious materials.

Susannas Handarbeit

Susanna finds her inspiration from beautiful fabrics – she’s making corsages and bra & belt set, embellished with various trims, laces and crystals. She’s further making practice skirts, collars and lace wristbands.

Eyla Art

Wonderful original drawings of tribal goddesses and dancers, creative postcards and ‘The Tribal Empress Bindis’ handcrafted in Vienna.

Absynthefee Design

These custom-made, one of a kind clothes are made to make memories in! Go out, run through the forest, go see a concert, dance, sing, perform, drink, take your friends with you, make love and forget that we will all die soon anyway. You name it, you can do it with these designs.


Wear your passion! Created with love for detail, handprinted and decorated with the festival logo, the CarVie tops, sports bras, skirts and leggins are all perfectly suitable for comfy dance wear, as well as original and cool casual look! From dance studio to the theater, you can wear your passion for dance and feel the connection with the worldwide Tribal family! Combine with the Nakari top in two timeless designs for a badass bellydancers feel!