The caravan arrived in Vienna, talked, cooked, ate, danced, learned and together created an unforgettable event full of inspiration!!

Here are the first impressions, messages, pictures and links to more Caravanseray Vienna 2010!

Interview for Hagalla – Online Tribal and Fusion Magazine (only in German, sorry!)


Sat., 30.10.2010, 20:00 at Aera
Gonzagasse 11, 1010 Vienna

Afsana (CZE) / Aldebaran Duo (HUN) / Apollon Dance Company (AUT) / Bahara (AUT) / Bri Hurley (USA) / El Raks Sael (CZE) / Lucilla (CZE) / MADspice (AUT) / Miro (SVK) / Nakari (AUT) / Neha (IND) / Olivia Kissel (USA) / Pressburger Tribal Society (SVK) / Rahat Lukum (CZE) / Rustiqua (SVK) / Wüstenrosen (AUT) / Zora Feuerschrey (AUT)

Photos by Peter Klerr
Photos by Tony Gigov


Photos by Tony Gigov


Sun., 31.10.2010, 19:00 at Etap Restaurant
Neulerchenfelderstrasse 13, 1160 Vienna

Bahara (AUT) / MADspice (AUT) / Nakari (AUT) / Rustiqua (SVK) / Wüstenrosen (AUT) / Yesirah Tribe (AUT)