Friday 17. February 2012 at Theatre AKZENT, Theresianumgasse 18, 1040 Vienna, Austria

“Caravanseray Vienna 2012” is the meeting point of various ethnic and fusion dance styles, in the studio and on the stage, with a connection to Tribal Bellydance. The “Caravanseray Show” extends an invitation to all dancers in Austria and abroad, who stepped outside the box and developed their own dance style. The “Caravanseray Show” serves as a platform for experiments and fusions of all kinds, dance surprises are very welcome!

The wonderful dancers of Caravanseray Vienna SHOW:

Sharon Kihara (USA) | Bahara (AUT) | Nakari Dance Company (AUT) | Anam Chara (AUT) | Com_fusion (AUT) | Dajana (AUT/CRO) | Doro Altenburger (AUT) | Hurriya (CZE) | Lisa von Erd (AUT) | MADspice (AUT) | Marta Bedriova (SVK) | Martina Viewegova (CZE) | Michaela Hamajova (AUT/SVK) | Neas Tribal (GER) | Nelly (AUT) | Rustiqua (SVK) | Schemzedah (AUT) | Wüstenrosen (AUT) | Yesirah Tribal (AUT)

After the success of the first Caravanseray Show with Olivia Kissel of Zafira Dance Company in October 2010, we immediately started planning the next one, bigger and better!

In the first Caravanseray, our aim was to introduce the whole spectrum of Tribal Style Bellydance, as well as dance styles that influenced its creation and evolution. You have seenIndian, Afghani and Persian dance, Hip Hop, Oriental, Kung Fu, Poi, Burlesque and many more. And of course Improvised Tribal and many Fusion Styles.We presented an international show with chosen dancers from the USA, Hungary, Czech Republic, India, Slovakia and Austria.

For 2012, everybody has the opportunity to participate in the Caravanseray Show and bring their own dance style! We are looking forward to innovative dancers who will surprise us with their unique interpretation of Tribal.


Sharon Kihara

A seasoned performer, inspirational teacher and exotic personality, Sharon Kihara is known the world over for her avante-garde sensibilities, as well as for her graceful and powerful technique. She comes from a strong background in western dance, beginning with Ballet as a wee tike and continuing to perform with University Modern and Jazz dance companies throughout the nineties. But her true love came in the form of Bellydance, first witnessed by Sharon as a child in it’s Cabaret form, then as Tribal Style in the mid nineties, and, as her mind had been blown beyond all hope for repair, she decided to pursue this art form with full enthusiasm.

Since then, Sharon has joined the Bellydance Superstars, beginning in early 2004, and has been touring internationally full-time ever since. She has taught and performed in over 35 countries to date with many more on the horizon; has shared stages with acts such as Missy Elliot, the Black Eyed Peas and multiple Circus and Fire Arts troupes, and co-headlined with the Bellydance Superstars on the main stage at the prestigious Glastonbury festival, alongside the White Stripes and Coldplay.

Bahara Kazerouni

Bahara started to teach and perform Cabaret style in 1998.

She has studied with the best of Egyptian teachers, like Hassan Khalil, Hassan Afifi, Raqia Hassan, Khaled Seif und Gamal Seif.
Since 1998 she has been directing theater productions, managing an oriental dance studio for years and working internationally as a performer and teacher of workshops, theater projects and teachers’ education programs.
Her performances and teachings have brought her to many countries like Austria, Germany, Greece, Marocco, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Bahara is a great teacher with a dancer’s heart and soul.

More about Bahara :