Denise Charbó

Since 2008, Denise Charbó has been a member of the Rustiqua Bellydance Company, coming from Slovakia. The group is known internationally, performing at dance festivals in tribal fusion style across Europe, even in the US. At these numerous events, Denise Charbó not only performed on stage with the Rustiqua group but also taught various thematic workshops in a specific Rustiqua style that soon recorded successes in a wider community of dancers and fans of this style. In addition to the rich travel experience, Denise Charbo has had the opportunity to study with several of the world’s most famous tribal fusion dancers like Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Mardi Love, Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, Mira Betz, April Rose, Caroleena Nericcio, Coleena Shakti, Jill Parker, Elizabeth Strong, Sherry Wheatley, Nagasita or daughter of Jamila Salimpour, mother of modern belly dance, Suhaila Salimpour.

Her passion for dance and enthusiasm to spread the idea of ​​fusion bellydance also in Slovakia brought her to the learning path, and since 2010 she has started to teach. As the manager of the Rustiqua Dance School, she started organizing dance and dance events in Bratislava to get the wider public to know about this beautiful dance art. Later, with the Rustiqua group, they began to organize Tribal Beads, International Dance Festival with outstanding international dancers such as Lamia Barbara, Violet Scrap, April Rose, Piny and Leo Orchidaceae.

Her anthropological work brought her to India in 2016, where she studied tribes ( and where she also began to study classical Indian dance – Odissi – with the renowned teachers Collena Shakti and Suprava Mishra, with whom she reveals the mysteries of the wonderful art of this temple dance.

Another great passion for Denise is yoga. Denise Charbó studied and has practiced yoga for over 10 years and is also certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Yoga is for Denise greatest source of knowledge, which also reflects on her teachings about dance. Denise Charbó is full of the enthusiasm to learn new things, as well as to share her knowledge which she has gained on her dance path.