Dipika Vijay

Dipika Vijay is an academically trained designer and a passionately trained belly dancer. Her Belly Dance company is called Badass Belly Dance and her fitness classes fly under the name Firefly Aerial Fitness.

She has traveled to New Orleans, San Francisco, Shanghai, Ningbo, Lisbon, Oakland, Portland, Las Vegas and Cairo to upgrade her skills in Belly Dance and alternative movement, and continues to travel every year. Over the years she has developed her own flavour in the Tribal Fusion style of Belly Dance and has taught hundreds of students apart from multiple film and television actresses, taught dance courses at premier design institutes, trained contestants of beauty pageants and has taught in multiple cities across India and in the USA and has collaborated with artists and brands in a variety of creative projects.

Given her educational background in design (Masters in Design), she found herself desirous of discovering more about the design and science of the human body in Belly Dance. She was beyond thrilled to discover that one could create designs with the body! With realization and curiosity, she dived into the study of human anatomy and yoga to find more connections between her two learnings – dance and design.

She has been belly dancing for over 12 years and confidently claims that design and alternate movement intensify and add more substance to her dance and body intelligence. She travels to various countries each year to further her studies in Belly Dance and alternative movement.

She now practices Belly Dance not only as a sensuous dance form but a powerful tool that generates awareness of the body, mind and spirit. She dances to create more beauty and teaches so that others may see the beauty that already exists within them. She uses movement to create form and form to shape thoughts.