Doro Altenburger

Doro Altenburger of Vienna, Austria comes from a family with musical and artistic background and strives to continue the path in a dance direction. As a member of Nakari Dance Company and the Wüstenrosen tribe, and Unmata ITS instructor, Doro cherishes Tribal in all its different forms, from traditional group improvisation to the craziest experimental fusions. Bellydance opened the door to the wide dance world, and after making chocolates as a master confectioner at one of Austria’s famous pastry shops, she changed careers and in 2016 she graduated her four-year studies of Contemporary Dance Pedagogics at the Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna. She is also a graduate of Zoe Jakes’ Dancecraft – Key of Spades and a returning participant of Orchidaceae Dance Intensive. She is bringing her experience and knowledge of Tribal and Contemporary Dance techniques and dance anatomy to her Tribal Bellydance classes in Vienna and at international dance festivals!

I believe I don’t have to explain how I know Doro – our steps brought us together when she joined Wüstenrosen (our ITS troupe) ten years ago, and since then she became a treasured friend, dance partner, critic, teacher, fellow Tribal nerd and ideas-dances-styles-craziness-experimentator ;) Over the course of her dance education in Oriental dance, and currently conteporary dance pedagogy, as well as teaching numerous classes and workshops, she amassed a treasure trove of experience and effective personal approach, that she utilizes in her teaching to the best result for every student. Her involvement with various dance formations and performance pieces showed her many possibilities and techniques for dancing alone or in a group, as well as ways to overcome the limitations we put on ourselves. She knows the ‘rules’ well enough to be able to creatively and effectively break them anew with each original inspiring fusion piece.
by Michaela