Doro Decadance

Doro Altenburger from Vienna is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, performer, movement researcher and a lifelong student. Her main styles are Tribal Fusion Bellydance, Contemporary Dance, Improvisational Tribal Style (Wüstenrosen ATS Dialect, Unmata ITS) and Poledance. She is a member of Nakari Dance Company, co-organizer of their dance festival Caravanseray Vienna and co-directing their choreography project Dumbledore’s Army. Together they work to smash sexism by being badass bellydancers. Furthermore, she is a member of the Viennese Bellydance troupe Wüstenrosen.

Since 2019 she’s one of the first graduates worldwide of Zoe Jakes’ Dancecraft certified teachers. In 2016 she finished her 4-year degree of ‘contemporary dance pedagogics’ at the Music and Arts Private University of the city of Vienna. Furthermore, she is a certified Unmata ITS teacher. Her love for dance led her to stages, education programmes and teaching opportunities in all corners of Europe and to the USA. 

Even after many years in the dance world she is still on a discovery journey and very grateful to keep on exploring. As a fan of trainings that are fun and attitudes that say ‘work hard play harder’ she is currently composing her cross-training from active stretching, weight-lifting, wrestling, aerial silks and bouldering. She is convinced that all humans are able to dance, and doesn’t believe in talent.