Dud Muurmand

Dud is one of the Danish dance pioneers within all things tribal, theatrical and dark fusion! Her dance and performance style is heavily influenced by the theater, she presents dances with both visual effects, strong emotional interpretations and very often with a tale from the shadow side of life – and inspired by the old burlesque theater style, ever so often also with a twisted humor and a grotesque smile. She has been teaching dance and performing professionally since the early 1990s. She has worked artistically with many different styles of ethnic dance: Romani Fusion, Bellydance, American Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Burlesque/Cabaret styled fusion and Dramatized/Theatrical dance. In 2010, Dud became a Certified ATS teacher also. Besides being an experienced teacher and performer, Dud is also the troupe director of the Danish fusion dance group Tribe of Gaia, and has through the years trained and directed more local groups within both fusion style dance as well as ATS performance groups. She is the chairwoman of Tribaldance Denmark, organizing events like Dark Weekend Copenhagen (Dark Theatrical Fusion Dance) and Tribal Café Copenhagen (open dance community events) and she has since 2011 organized and produced her own summer training intensive, Tribal CPH that draws international participants to Copenhagen.

Dud’s contagious energy and creative performances enchanted the audience at the CarVie18 show, and we’re happy to have her back in the teacher team this year!