Michaela Mab

Bellydance accidentally found Michaela Hamajova in 2004 and never let her go. A hobby gradually turned into an obsession and since then has taken her all over Europe in pursuit of the best teachers and mentors and valuable dance experience. She never ceases to further her dance education and travels often to international dance festivals to learn from her idols. She is a returning participant of Orchidaceae Dance Intensive and a graduate of Zoe Jakes’ Dancecraft – Key of Diamonds. Expanding beyond Oriental and Tribal, her individual fusion style incorporates elements of other dance styles like African, Butoh, Contemporary, Dancetheatre, but always stays true to her Tribal roots.

I saw Michaela for the first time in a ‘belly-technique’ workshop in 2007 and already then suspected her to be a tribal lady. Half a year later I joined the Wüstenrosen troupe, and of course there she was! The Wüstenrosen focus on mastering the improvised Tribal Style, and that brings many rules to follow if the improvisation in the group should work. Strictly following the rules at all times is not really in my nature and soon I noticed that Michaela feels the same way, that’s how Nakari came to life and now we’re practically married ;)
Michaela is a master of finest Tribal Fusion technique, locks interwoven with smooth arm moves. She is continuously on the lookout for new Inspirations, and finds them in novel music, fleamarket visits, art exhibitions, and all forms of movement that she inquisitively samples.
Since I know her, she has become a true tribal diva, but without the attitude!
by Doro