Saturday, 28. August 2021

AURYN | Unleash Your Inner Darkness
10:00 – 12:00 | AS01 | €40 | Open

Like moths to the light, humans are attracted to the darkness. We covet the characters of sinister goddesses and gods of fate, powerful warriors or mysterious witches. We draw from this ‘inner darkness’ to equip our dance with more depth, storytelling and unique movements. Welcome to the Dark Fusion side! An exploration into the nature of movements will help us recognize what appears sinister or eerie, how to communicate emotions. Our hands and gestures are the conveyors of meaning, whether they curve into claws or flow in soft patterns, a hand rests on the heart or reaches for a throat, every subtle shift tells a different story. We’ll use all these elements in a dark fusion dance combination to dance our own gloomy myth.

MICHAELA MAB | Creating Contrast
12:15 – 14:15 | MM01 | €40 | Open

Fascination blooms with the interplay of superslow snakelike movement interrupted by fast precise isolations, leading the eye and following the music cues to keep the audience surprised and curious. Technique is as important as feeling the music and going where it leads us, following the various elements of composition, switching between the melody and the accents.

With contrasting movements and fluid transitions that live off slowing down or speeding up a movement, you don’t need complicated stuff to fill out the space with anticipation and exciting combinations of soft and strong, aching slowness and thrilling speed.

JOLIJN | Lets Get Lyrical
14:30 – 16:30 | JC01 | €40 | Open

Come on a  journey in contemporary fusion style, where we will touch on some concepts of contemporary dance, like spirals, breath movement and floorwork. We will unite these into a juicy choreo intertwining bellydance accents with a lyrical layer to challenge your body and mind in thinking beyond the counts and actually letting the music move you. You will take home a dynamic combination that will be fun and challenging for all levels, with adjustments for less or no floorwork. Make sure to bring some kneepads.

Sunday, 29. August 2021

DORO ALTENBURGER | Arm Arrangements
10:00 – 12:00 | DA02 | €40 | Open

Technique for arm movements, placements and shapes. We’ll start with mobility and strengthening exercises for our shoulders, arms and wrists to increase our range of motion. Working our way through coordination drills for clean execution of movements and practising with some dance combinations we’ll make our arms follow our wishes. We’ll play with fluid waves and fancy frames, straight lines and soft curves.

DAYENNE | Sensual Embodiment
12:15 – 14:15 | DD02 | €40 | Open

In this workshop we are going to look for your unique sensual expression. How do we get out of our heads and drop into our bodies? This is a journey inward, it’s all about noticing what physical sensations you feel when moving and dancing. We will explore how to move from performing sensuality to an embodied expression in our dance practice and performance.

NAKARI | Group Improv Reconnection
14:30 – 16:30 | NA02 | €40 | Intermediate

Finally we’re able to dance together again, after a year of training alone in our homes, connected only via our computer screens. We want to celebrate with you by reviving our group improv skills! Let’s tune back into the wordless communication of a group speaking the same dance language. We want to reawaken the awareness that was second nature for all improv dancers but can only be practised in the group and thus got somewhat lost during the last year, using the familiar concepts of stagger formation changing lead and body position. Dust off your movement cues and let’s improv! This workshop is for you, if you have any kind of knowledge of synchronised group improv language, especially FCBD, ATS Wüstenrosen dialect or Improv Team Sync. If you can, try to catch a live spot, but of course we also have our online audience in mind – apart from formations, the concepts that we want to practice will also work in an online setting, so make sure to have your cameras on. Step into the joy of dancing and improvising together