Thursday, 27. August 2020

NAKARI | Behind The Curtain
14:15 – 16:15 | NA01 | €40 | Open

How much of a dance piece stays invisible, pulling the strings of the dancer from the background of stories, images and ideas? Where does a choreography start and how do you turn ideas into movements? Welcome to the choreography lab, take a peek behind the curtains of our previous dances. We’ll tell you about our creative process for specific pieces and with the background information in mind we’ll watch the end result to inspire the next portion of the workshops – time for experiments! The choreography tools can be used in many different ways, and play is more than welcome. Whether you’re already working on a piece, or just want to test out the principles, we’ll have a brainstorming session where you can develop an idea and see what happens. This is a lecture-style workshop, come with a notebook and an open mind – explosions of creativity are expected!

16:30 – 19:30 | MS01 | €60 | Intermediate

Let’s get weird in this experimental fusion workshop! We’ll start the workshop by learning a few unusual fusion combinations that are eclectic and beyond the basic Tribal stylings. Explore the creepy, strange and witchy with these unconventional fusion combos inspired by horror films, dark legends and haunted places. After we’ve played with some pre-made phrases, we’ll make some new ones to fit some extra strange songs that i’ve got up my sleeves. Let’s get dark and moody with strange songs, bizarre movement and bellydance all rolled into one juicy workshop!

…sometimes you need to get ugly to get awesome.

Friday, 28. August 2020

DIPIKA VIJAY | Booty On Beat
10:00 – 12:00 | DV02 | €40 | Open

Refining, defining and enhancing. Sharp strong hipwork makes a belly dancer very alluring. Sharp locks, clean 3/4 hips, juicy drops, big twists, grounded and loose shimmies are the nuts and bolts of a strong dance. Quick quick slow is the mantra we will follow. Mobility drills to open up the hip in every possible direction, accessing glutes actively, working the pelvic floor safely and dancing of course will be the key features of this workshop.

ISABEL DE LORENZO | ATS Dancing In The Circle
12:15 – 14:15 | IL02 | €40 | Intermediate

The circle is a powerful and spiritual way of gathering in dance. In this workshop we will practice slow and fast circles in ATS: turning the wheel to change lead, pick-ups and drop-offs, the circle itself as a place of connection and beautiful dancing. All ATS levels are welcome. Please bring zills if you want!

MELLI SARINA | Waving Inside Out
14:30 – 16:30 | MS02 | €40 | Intermediate

Let yourself be inspired by new possibilities to wave through your body and learn Melli’s tricks to make them look more fluid. She will share her newest liquid fusion combinations to make your body move like water in a fascinating way and entrance the audience.

Saturday, 29. August 2020

11:00 – 13:00 | MS03 | €40 | Intermediate

In this workshop, we will explore the floor! The focus will be on maintaining an even flow of movement inspired by Yoga and Exotic Dance, while incorporating Bellydance isolations. Remember to dress appropriately for working on the ground, and bring knee-pads if you need them! This will be a physically challenging class, so come prepared to work!

13:15 – 15:15 | DA03 | €40 | Open

ITS is created by Amy Sigil, has its origins in American Tribal Style, Bellydance, HipHop and Hula, and it is the most recent addition to the improvisational bellydance language development. Although aimed at synchronised group improv, quite a few of the combinations are also versatile to stand alone and can be easily used for solo or group setting, or integrated into a different movement dialect. Come try out the Unmata way and have fun with the dynamic energy of Unmata ITS, no strings attached.

15:30 – 17:30 | CC03 | €40 | Intermediate

The Cibelle Dance Collective loves to enliven the stage as dancers – A performance that remains in the memory of the audience. You will learn some slow and fast combinations which shine with audience from all sides, because in the end it is just a charming game, some important basics, a little bit of knowing-how! 

We will work on creating beautiful group pictures and an open and honest contact to your audience. Duo, trio, quartet and diagonal – these are all exciting formations for dancing together and changing sides quickly. The icing on the cake is cascading, i.e. a small time delay when dancing in the diagonal: ATS with love and excitement from the Cibelle Dance Collective!

Sunday, 30. August 2020

ISABEL DE LORENZO | ATS Real Improvisation Practice
10:00 – 12:00 | IL04 | €40 | Open

After drilling some beautiful moves from our slow repertoire, we will quickly review formations (duet, trio, quartet and chorus). Different groups will work with different moves, then we will practice how to get in and out of the chorus in a smooth way, and finally we will create a big group improvisation with the flavor of a real performance.

MICHAELA MAB | Alphabet Soup
12:15 – 14:15 | MM04 | €40 | Beginners

If dance is a language, the basic movements are like the letters of the alphabet that we use to build words and sentences. Starting with the fundamentals of Tribal Bellydance technique, we’ll practise the smallest building blocks and use them to create shapes in various parts of the body, first isolating and then combining them to create a short dance combination – adding the letters to form the first words in the language of Tribal Bellydance!

DIPIKA VIJAY | Feminine Indian Fusion
14:30 – 16:30 | DV04 | €40 | Open

Let’s tell stories of romance and play with small combos – inspired by the vocabulary of the old Bollywood, Indian Folk and Classical along with Belly Dance. The workshop will have a flirtatious and feminine language. Think postures, gestures, expressions, fluidity and fun. No previous experience in any Indian dance form required. Things to bring along: Drama & an open heart to enjoy the learnings thoroughly!