Thursday, 25. August 2022

NAKARI | Essential Elements
14:30 – 16:30 CEST | Live/Zoom | NA01 | €40 | Open

Welcome to the exciting world of tribal fusion bellydance with its endless possibilities and inspirations! We will break down the technique of the movements we consider fundamental for tribal fusion. There will be something for each body part – arms, hands, legs, feet, hips and torso! Get ready for pathways and patterns, flows and isolations, we’ll have a little bit of everything to start you off on your dance journey through the festival!

17:30 – 20:30 CEST | Live/Zoom | MS01 | €60 | Intermediate

Improve your isolations, luxuriate in your layers, and prime your potential in this three hour fusion technique workshop! We’ll use an anatomical approach for execution of both fluid and crisp movements, and talk about muscle sharing in layering. We’ll also implement the techniques and movements introduced by working through short combos intended to optimize your time within practice!

Friday, 26. August 2022

AGATA ZAKRZEWSKA | Slow Manton Dialect Intro
10:00 – 12:00 CEST | Live/Zoom | AZ02 | €40 | Open

FCBD Style with Manton – this workshop will be the introduction to the slow manton dialect created by Agata for The Siren Project. We will cover basic manton techniques and holds and go over basic slow steps with manton, as well as dynamic slow turns. The participants will also learn how to use all these in formations to create a breathtaking manton performance. This workshop is perfect for dancers who never tried manton before or for those who learned the fast dialect and would like to discover the slow dialect. It is recommended to have some basics of FCBD Style or a similar group improv style. Please bring a square shawl – size at least 115x115cm, doesn’t have to be a professional manton.

GLASS EATERS | Dark Fusion Choreo
12:15 – 14:15 CEST | Live/Zoom | GE02 | €40 | Open

Sensual movements merge with dark fusion elements, strong technique mixes with powerful expression. Learn a choreography to Silhouette’s Pushloop remix. We are sexy, strong and dark! Expand your repertoire and discover a new side of yourself!

VERA MAHSATI | Bellydance Rocks
14:30 – 16:30 CEST | Live/Zoom | VM02 | €40 | Open

Vera Mahsati brings a special workshop to all the rock n’ roll souls at CarVie22. Her Bellydance Rocks format explores the fusion of bellydance with rock music based on a solid research of the cultural, historical and musical background of the style. We are going to explore rock n’ roll musical specificities in an easy going and practical way, while listening and dancing to a range of rock music that covers several decades of the history of the style. We will then apply all the notions and concepts explored while learning a short choreography to contemporary alternative rock music, in which we will use special stylizations to adapt our fusion belly dance technique to a rock stage persona. Be prepared for bold poses, intense movements and to bring out the stage animal in you. You will feel powerful and raw, and cool as ever!

Saturday, 27. August 2022

AGATA ZAKRZEWSKA & KATARZYNA LIDIA | Formations Micro- & Macrocosm
11:00 – 13:00 CEST | Live/Zoom | AK03 | €40 | Intermediate

As within so without, as above so below, join Agata and Kasia in exploring FCBD Style formations, from the smallest, most intimate duet interactions to huge stage concepts and possibilities for big groups! First part of the workshop will focus mostly on duets. We will cover some exciting FCBD Style duet steps and passings, including some personal ideas, tips and tricks we use to make a duet performance flow seamlessly. You will get to know the intricate details and the exciting secrets of what happens inside a duet interaction. Second part of the workshop will focus on big formations and concepts. We will include the official FCBD Style concepts, like the chorus and big circles, the lesser known ones like the Vortex, as well as The Siren Galaxy – a formation concept created by Agata and Kasia with The Siren Society. You will discover how the FCBD Style principles connect in both small and big groups and create a common logic that makes this dance so brilliant. Understanding this logic and aesthetic will help your dancing – from the smallest technique and interaction details to the big picture of creating a visual experience for your audience. We recommend knowing the basics of FCBD style or a similar group improv style.

DORO ALTENBURGER | Boudoir Chair Dance Choreo
13:15 – 15:15 CEST | Live/Zoom | DA03 | €40 | Open

A wonderfully sappy charming chair dance dream choreo to ‘Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On’ by Johnny Tillotson. We will dress accordingly with a dressing gown, pillow, possibly a blanket and your favorite nightwear – interpretation is entirely up to you, from thick wool socks with cozy winter pajamas to lace lingerie with stockings, all imaginable combinations. Wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Give your teasing side a little exercise and join in!

MICHELLE SORENSEN | Twerk Hard, Play Hard
15:30 – 17:30 CEST | Live/Zoom | MS03 | €40 | Open

No belly dance here, only booty bounce! This class is designed to be a workout AND a party in one! We’ll begin with some fun (but intense) butt/ab exercises to prepare our low backs and core, and then move into a fun twerk choreography! Knee pads are HIGHLY recommended as we will spend a good chunk of time on the floor. Heels optional if you want to add some sass!

Sunday, 28. August 2022

KATARZYNA LIDIA | The Rhythm Of The Fan
10:00 – 12:00 CEST | Live/Zoom | KL04 | €40 | Intermediate

FCBD Style with fan. The fast steps vocabulary is a great extension of The Siren Project fan dialect, which will diversify and enrich your performance. Now you can extend the romantic vibe of slow guitar music with vibrant rhythmic melodies for fast fan fun! During the workshop we will get to know the most popular fast steps with a fan, spicy turns and spins, gentle rhythmic undulation variations and juicy steps of the hip bump family. We will practice them in combos and also focus on combining slow and fast steps with the music. Please bring a fan 23-30 cm big, easy to open, made from wood or plastic.

MICHAELA MAB | Dancing The Arcana
12:15 – 14:15 CEST | Live/Zoom | MM04 | €40 | Open

Let’s read our dance from the tarot cards! A fun way to inspire your practice and kickstart your creativity. We’ll pull tarot cards for the workshop and let the reading inform the content, from shapes, poses and directions, fusion technique and quality of movement, to the story and the transitions of the resulting combination.

DENISE CHARBÓ | Curves Of The Devi
14:30 – 16:30 CEST | Live/Zoom | DC04 | €40 | Open

Dance like a goddess! Learn the movements and technique that relate to Indian Temple Dance – Odissi, which is rich in beautiful embellishments. The main focus will be on mastering the typical three-bend-pose: tribhangi, elegant connection of head, torso and lower-body movements, then some balancing poses and energetic spins that will help you ornate and enhance the feminine power of the dance along with Indian aesthetics to your personal fusion belly dance style.